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If you play sports you should be wearing a custom fitted mouthguard. We make them here.

Tooth sensitivity

Many patients suffer from this irritating issue. Whether it is from recession and exposure of sensitve tooth surfaces or improper brushing technique and armamentarium we can access and address the issue.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be a factor in your late teens or early twenties. In some people they do not develop. In other people there is room for wisdom teeth. In cases where there is no room for the eruption of these teeth they may need to be removed. Depending on the level of impaction Dr Pettigrew will decide whether a referral is necessary to the oral surgeon.

Oral cancer screening

At each recare visit Dr Pettigrew and our hygienists will be on the lookout for suspicious lesions that could be oral cancer or a precursor to it. Your fist line of defense against oral cancer is your dentist.

Nightguard-Bruxism Appliance

A Nightguard is sometimes indicated for clenching/grinding to prevent unwanted damage to teeth. Dr Pettigrew can determine if you are a candidate for a nightguard.


We have some very simple and effective methods of reducing problem snoring (MPOWRX). If your snoring involves sleep apnea a referral to your family physician may be in order.

Bad Breath

Bacteria around teeth and gums can lead to bad breath. Halitosis(bad breath) can be common in those who practice poor oral hygiene, who wear dental appliances, in smokers and those with periodontal disease. Even some who have reasonable oral hygiene can still have bad breath due to medications or volatile sulphur compounds in the sinus, mouth and stomach. We have products that can help with difficult cases of halitosis (CloSYS). Our Hygienist will be glad to work with you to help remedy this often embarrassing problem.

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